• DRIVE+ Specifications are established to ensure the products are delivering an OE equivalence

All products are manufactured according to ISO 9001 certifications

All DR!VE+ productlines are available in the most common used E-Catalog systems: TecDoc, DVSE, Inforicambi and ETAI

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DRIVE+ Pads are certified to R90 standards for Europe.

The friction materials are developed following rigorous test and product evaluations in both the laboratory and on test vehicles running on the streets.
The noise reducing shim materials are chosen to provide an optimum performance and are standard fit across the whole DR!VE+ Range.
The range contains over 450 partnumbers, covering more than 80% of the of the European carpark needs.

Brake Disc

DRIVE+ Disc are certified to R90 standards for Europe.

The steel alloys are developed to provide an optimum performance of both braking performance across a wide range of conditions and vehicle braking speeds and long life. The most up to date manufacturing technologies are employed in our factories including: Fully automated foundry with continuous control of the alloys. Automated machining lines to ensure dimensional accuracy including fully automated balancing.

The range contains over 650 partnumbers, covering more than 80% of the of the European carpark needs.


The very wide range of filter applications require as wide a range of filtration medium:

  • Pollen Cabin Filter
  • Carbon Cabin Filter
  • Oil Filter
  • Fuel Filter
  • Air Filter
  • Gearbox Oil Filter

In the particular case of the Cabin filters the DR!VE+ product line provides a range of solutions including odour removal and anti-allergic. The specifications of the mediums are carefully chosen to provide the optimum performance balancing filtration rate, flow and robustness whilst at the same time matching OE.

The range contains over 1700 partnumbers, covering more than 80% of the of the European carpark needs.

Wheel bearings

In developing the DR!VE+ range of wheel bearings it was decided from the offset, contrary to the strategy of others, that we would offer a very full range. The manufacturing standards and processes duplicate those of the OE. High precision machining and grinding machines work as one in automated cells. Statistical Process Controls are employed to ensure that the tight tolerances are always achieved. Fully automated assembly machines selectively build together the components of the bearings to achieve the correct performance characteristics and low noise.

The range contains over 450 partnumbers, covering more than 80% of the of the European carpark needs.


Being a critical element of the suspension of the car, ensuring both safety as well as comfort, the DR!VE+ Shock Absorbers are designed to last and maintain performance. The manufacturing process ensures that the components are assembled with high precision to maintain the suspension geometry and thus the safe handling of the car. A rigorous program of tests punishes the shock absorber beyond normal to ensure the design and material are robust. The DR!VE+ Shock Absorber range includes applications for the rear and front of the car. The shock absorbers are also available as “Loaded Struts”, pre-assembled with springs to reduce garage time and increase safety.


Available as either the outer CV joint alone or as the complete drive shaft the DR!VE+ Brand offers a very complete range covering almost all applications. The rigorous quality controls, from the metallurgical analysis conducted on the forgings and the dimensional controls of the machined parts combined with the heat treatment and surface polishing ensures long long-life and silent running. Samples are systematically taken from mass production and tested for life in a range of conditions replicating but exaggerating that of the normal use in the car.


Quality through measurement

To carefully monitor the quality of the DR!VE+ products, measurements are made throughout the production process. An in-house laboratory with the most advanced testing and measuring equipment for just this purpose. From raw material to final product, every step in the process is checked to ensure total quality control during production. The quality of our products is guaranteed not only by our dedicated specialists but also by our top-notch quality systems and all are ISO 9001 certified.

Original Equipment Manufacturers

DR!VE+ products have been approved by leading motor vehicle manufacturers. As such, DR!VE+ has ‘O.E.M. approval letters’ for various lubricants. Both existing and new products are tested under controlled conditions, including laboratory testing and the use of test benches. This is followed by real-world tests to measure load duration and peak loads.

Quick, flexible production

Mixing installations are equipped with self-calibrating mass flow meters that perform measurements with high accuracy and reliability. The combination of inline blending and batch blending enables to produce quickly and flexibly. Easy and efficient combined production of small and large volumes therefore is possible and guaranteeing quick and flexible productions, from small batches too high volumes.

Water pumps

The DR!VE+ range of water pumps are manufactured to exacting standards. The castings are controlled to ensure both structural integrity and zero porosity. Once the casting enters the machining process the high precision tooling controls that all surfaces, interfaces and fixation holes are positioned from one datum ensuring accuracy and therefore exact fitting during installation. The machined surfaces are accurate and smooth so that mating components like the bearings and seals have an exact leak free fit across the wide range of operating temperatures. Prior to packing all the pumps are leak tested as a final control.

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